The Book

'Legal Operations KPIs' tackles the challenge of transforming legal departments from cost centers to dynamic business units through data analytics. With a sharp focus on metrics and KPIs, this book fills the gap for legal professionals who need to understand not just the data, but the story it tells. It’s a comprehensive source for anyone seeking to enhance their legal operations, offering detailed metrics, KPIs, reports, best practices and actionable insights.

Cash Butler
Founder R3 Operations Consulting five-stars

The book Legal Operations KPIs is a fantastic resource for any GC, CLO and/or executive of other business functions that interact with the legal department.

Mike Russell
Leading Legal Ops Expedia Group five-stars

Finally, a long-needed single point of reference for anyone working with legal data. It explains exactly what each metric means, plus how to calculate and most importantly, how to communicate using this data to tell your story!

Connie Brenton
Co-Founder five-stars

My copy was delivered this week! Legal Operations KPIs truly is a Professional’s handbook to operational excellence... This is a must read and great reference book.

Mark A. Smolik
Chief Legal Officer DHL Supply Chain Americas five-stars

Legal Operations KPIs is a must read for all legal operations and law department management teams. It’s a fascinating read.


Digital Copy of the Book

Scan QR codes within the book to access enhanced content, additional templates, and join in on conversations. Transform your book into a dynamic resource for achieving operational excellence.

Colin S. McCarthy
CEO and Founder Legal Operators five-stars

This book should be in the hands of every legal person in-house and aspiring legal person. Mori has giving us a gift that is both thought provoking and practical in its application - Excellent work product!

Nicolas Panigutti
Leading Attorney Santander five-stars

This book points to one of the most important challenges in my day-to-day life: understanding the efficiency and quality of our services and how we can demonstrate the value we bring, especially through KPIs.

Michael Thompson
Head of Legal Operations ALDI SÜD five-stars

Never before I have seen such a precise analysis and listing of metrics !

Alisa De Dominicis
Global Sr. Director Legal Operations Rocket Software five-stars

Your book is terrific! What sets it apart from the other is the comprehensive description of each metric, as well as data sources and alternatives. I refer to it all the time.

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