The Community

The Community at is an open-source hub and interactive extension of the book, crafted to be a collaborative space where legal operations professionals passionate about data-driven decision-making can engage, learn, and share. Here, you gain access to an exhaustive list of updated metrics and KPIs, explore dynamic charts, contribute to discussions, and access exclusive content like interviews with industry experts and quizzes. It's a platform to ask questions, provide insights, and together, expand the horizons of legal operations.

Comprehensive Coverage

'Legal Operations KPIs' delivers a thorough compilation of metrics and reports across varied domains such as Spend Management, Budgeting, Invoice and Data Quality Analysis, among others. This extensive range equips legal professionals with the analytical tools to optimize financial strategies, enhance data integrity, and elevate overall legal operational efficiency.

Spend Management
In-House Resource and Performance Management
  Compliance and Risk Management  
Cross-Functional Collaborations
Invoice and Data Quality Analysis
Diversity and Inclusion
  Law Firm and Vendor Management  

Readiness Assessment Tool

Not every metric is suitable for implementation by everyone. Use this tool to gauge your organization's preparedness and find metrics that are suited for every stage in legal operations, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Tailored Readiness Levels

Find KPIs and Metrics suited for every stage in legal operations, from beginners to advanced practitioners. This book provides the essential tools to enhance your work and progress effectively, no matter where you are in your organization's journey


Video Library

Access a wealth of knowledge in our Video Library, featuring book reviews and the exclusive 'Hear from The Experts' series. Watch as industry leaders divulge their expertise on legal operations, KPIs, and data handling. Each video is complemented by full transcriptions and subtitles in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, with new content released weekly!

Chart Library

Looking for inspiration on how to present your data? Our Chart Library showcases a diverse array of charts utilized throughout the book in various scenarios, each with its own data set and detailed descriptions. Discover the optimal chart types and their best uses to effectively represent your data, making your analysis as impactful as it is insightful.


Search and Filter

Quickly uncover the information you need by searching any relevant keyword. Filter metrics based on criteria such as type, audience, or tags, ensuring you find exactly what you're looking for with ease.

Interactive Charts

With a user-friendly interface, these charts are designed to be accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise. Complex legal operations data is distilled into clear, engaging, and interactive visual formats, making analysis not just informative, but also enjoyable.


Share and Collaborate

Something inspiring or thought-provoking? Easily share it with colleagues, add a comment or question, and invite others to collaborate. Others can join the discussion, provide feedback, and enrich the conversation with their own insights.

Richard Robinson
Director of Legal Ops Toyota North America five-stars

Many organizations struggle not with the need for data but with knowing which questions to ask; success lies in benchmarking, consulting experts, and engaging in forums like LegalOpsKPIs, where you can share questions and receive crucial answers.

Mike Russell
Leading Legal Ops Expedia Group five-stars

For folks looking to start in legal ops, take advantage of the many great resources out there, such as Get involved with the community ecosystem, where many are eager to help with your questions and showcase their work. It's what community is truly about.

Michelle Kovitch
Director of Strategic Solutions Onna five-stars

Passion for knowledge sharing thrives in this community. It's more than just a digital book; it's a collaborative platform for engaging, questioning, and community sharing. As we grow, we'll need to support each other. has fostered a community for this purpose.

Abel Lopez
Founding Partner LND Consultores - Abogados five-stars is a valuable resource for legal professionals seeking data-driven insights. Its comprehensive metrics, real-world examples, and expert analyses empower strategic decision-making. As a leading source of information in the legal operations field, it illuminates pathways to efficiency, compliance, and excellence.